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4 rare early warning signs of breast cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month. People all around the world are supporting by wearing their pink, whether it be athletes, celebrities, or family and friends who support their loved ones who suffer from the disease. As women it is important to know what to look for in order to prevent any form or development of breast cancer. Below I will share four early warning signs of breast cancer; most are rarely talked about.

1. Don’t just look for lumps:

Most often doctors have women do mammogram x-rays to examine the breast and find potential lumps. But mammograms can be a potential cause of cancer due to the radiation it sends to the breast tissue. It is better to examine the breast by doing a thermography screening. This allows doctors to see more than just lumps and potential growths and is a much better method than mammograms.

2. Hormones and cellular health:

Many health experts talk about breast cancer as being the result of “poor genetics” and do not get me wrong that is the case for some types but others not so much. Most types of breast cancer are the result of lifestyle, diet, and environment. With that said hormone imbalance plays a much greater role in determining breast cancer than people think.

3. Know the breast cancer signs:

Every woman’s body has a unique flow and getting in tune with your own body is crucial in staying healthy. If you ever feel any unusual aches or pains in your breast, including throbbing and other discomfort talk to your doctor. Most women believe that one lump is a sign of breast cancer. Truth is, breast cancer can be scattered. Be careful and conscious of your body’s ladies.

4. Nutrient deficiency:

If you are not getting enough of the right nutrients in your diet, including iodine and vitamin D you are already at a higher risk for developing breast cancer. Often times people do not realize what they’re not eating is increasing their chance for health conditions, such as breast cancer.


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