The future face of music: Cam Anthony

After seeing a video of Philadelphia’s own “12 year old singing phenomenon” Cam Anthony singing Lorde “Royals” I reacted the same way you did. I thought to myself who was this and how is such a powerful voice coming out of that little body? I had no choice but to get him on the show to find out more.

Dec. 21, 2013 I had the honor of sitting down with the future star to discuss his musical background, future career and topics that allowed me to get to know him more.

This was a refreshing treat that gave me hope for our youth, and the future of the music industry. Cam Anthony holds a powerful voice, and is wise and humble beyond his years. I walked away from our interview anxious to start working on this article because I wanted it to really reflect the true spirit and capture the essence of our conversation that day.

The interview began with the number one question I wanted to know which was: “who taught him how to sing that way?”

Born Cameron Sherman, the song bird’s voice was first noticed at the age of four when Cam Anthony’s mother over heard him mimicking the jingle from a Folgers’ commercial. She realized he had talent and began to vocally coach him. Cam also gets his love for music from his father’s side of the family.

“Music is my everything. I go to it when I am disappointed or not feeling so good. Music is what I feel and it’s a passion for what I do.” – Cam Anthony

It was pretty evident that music has an influence over his life. I wanted to know what impact did he want to have on the music industry and his answer was powerful.

“I want to make the world go round even faster; I want to be the face of music.” – Cam Anthony

This statement may seem overly ambitious but this young man is well on his way. Recently he has met with Dr. Dre, BET officials amongst other influential people in the industry. He has a great team behind him and with his voice, and faith I believe he can do anything.

July 14, 2013 Cam Anthony released a tribute video for Trayvon Martin singing “His eye is on the sparrow”

It was inspiring to see someone so young connect to an historic situation that changed the dynamics of this country and its legal system. We both believe that situation that occurred with Trayvon Martin could have been anybody. It’s not about race or age but more of what’s right and what’s wrong.

To lighten the mood I asked who he would want to work with if he had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist and he picked Kendrick Lamar for his unique tone, his favorite rapper Eminem, Bruno Mars for his old school singing style and Pattie Labelle because she’s simply awesome!

We then began to talk about school education and my heart smiled. Cam Anthony expressed how his parents instilled the importance of education in him. He loves math, likes school and believes that if singing doesn’t work out the way that he wants it to, he needs an education to fall back on.

He also shared the journey of him becoming the sixth grade class president. He described the campaign as “the longest ever,” because his opponent was an excellent writer and it reflected in his speech. However, that didn’t cause Cam Anthony to back down from the challenge and in return he won the election by one vote!

His parents have a significant role in the balance of him being a kid and starting his career. He expressed that his parents keep him grounded and lets him know that “you can’t let things go to your head because it will throw you off and could run away your friends.”

We also talked about the importance of social media to his career. In fact he met his production team overFacebook, and the true launch of his YouTube career was when a video of him singing Bruno Mars “When I was your man” went viral.

He is “All about his fans” and that means he loves his fans. He understands that without the support of his fans he would just be Cameron Sherman but with his fans and the support of his family and friends he is Cam Anthony.

I love his mentality and the fact that he has high goals. It was a true pleasure and joy to interview this young man and I honestly wish nothing but success for his future. He comes from a grounded family and has a good head on his shoulders. fully supports Cam Anthony and I hope this article and interview has made you a believer and fan as well. So go ahead, share this article with your family, friends, and co-workers. Be a part of history and remember you read it first on Tula Talks….Cam Anthony will be the face of music!

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Shot and edited by Vincent Otieno (Vinstinct productions)