5 lessons from day one of RMC2015

1) Everything doesn't have to be perfect!

Frank Cooper, CMO of Buzzfeed said to become iconic you have to apply what is needed during your era. You have to apply what is right for the times at the right time.

You must move at the speed of culture. If not you will be stuck in a historical way of thinking which can lead to you becoming Blockbuster, not Netflix. Think about it.

2) Your product matters!

At the end of the day, you can have a wonder marketing plan, but if your product stinks no one is going to buy into it.

3) Always funnel people back to your website.

Social media is a great platform to elevate your brand, but at the end of the day your site needs traffic so always drive readers back to your self-owned domain.

4) Stay consistent and never give up!

Create a schedule so your audience knows when you are releasing new content, stick to it and stay consistent! Yes, this is something I am painfully guilty of not doing. Probably because my life doesn't have a consistent schedule but no more excuses.

Issa Rae, Producer, Writer and Director shared her experience with social media for Awkward Black Girl. She mentioned how strong her fan base was and how she came up with the worse idea ever. She thought let's take a break and not post anything for a while, let the fans miss us, then come back and surprise them! With our generation’s attention span, people had moved on to the next buzzing platform so the moral of that story was to stay consistent!

Rae, along with the other panelist shared stories of their earlier years and the true struggle and hard work it took to create their products that we all know and love today.

Along with the once in a life-time networking opportunities, I'm truly realizing that true success starts with being a master of your craft, producing good product and actually building relationships with people.

Which brings me to my final point.

5) Don't just pass out your business card to any and everyone.

I saw a few people just walk up and exchange cards with out exchanging conversation first. I don't know about you all, but I'm on a budget. I will not waste my business card on any and everyone.

I find it way more effective when you actually stop and have a conversation with someone. And when I say that, I mean have a genuine conversation with them.

In environments like that, I know the pressure is there and we all have our internal goals, but when you just silence that anxious thought that you have to meet everyone in the room, you will begin to let things flow. Let your natural internal light shine through and draw people to you. When you talk to people, listen to them and don't listen to respond. There is a difference.

Well I have to get ready for day 2! If you're on Snapchat follow me, I will update as much as possible for those who couldn't make it. XoXo - Tula

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