Let's Celebrate National Hat Day With Black Box Hatters!

One of my main goals for Tula Talks Entertainment this year is to increase the amount of content I put out. The first step, was to get organized. So I took to Google and looked up significant dates that are observed in January.

Did you know that today is National Hat Day?

When I discovered this, can you guess the first person that popped up in my mind? No, it wasn't Pharrell and his show stopping hat (#Pharrell'sHat). It was Morgan K, the talent behind Black Box Hatters.

You see, Morgan K has set the stage when it comes to being a fashionista and her originally designed hats have started to make a wave across the east coast.

Let's learn a little more about Morgan K and these hats that are starting to surface all over New York City.

TT: What is Black Box Hatters?

MK: Black Box Hatters is of course a hat company and once you are crowned it becomes a way of life.

TT: How did you come up with that name?

MK: It came to me in a dream. Being that I went to a performing arts high school, I've seen some of the best productions in Black Box Theaters and I've always liked the idea of its purpose. It's pure, it's flexible, and anything can happen, and those are the things I want people to understand with my brand. When you open up that box get ready to be amazed. I want you to see that my pieces are not confined and breaks the rules. Thats where the purity comes in and as far the flexibility i'll try anything, keep working until something works. Does that all make sense? :)

TT: Why are you a hat lover?

MK: My father wore hats when he was my age, it's something that I adapted from him.

I didn't even realize I was doing until I started looking at old pictures of him from his 20s, he was

a cool cat.

TT: What is your favorite type of hat to wear and why?

MK: That's tricky it depends on what my hair is doing but honestly, I can never go wrong with a wide brim fedora.

TT: About how many hats do you own?

MK: Maybe a little over 45 hats. I know it's disgusting.

TT: How has moving to New York inspired your style and passion for fashion?

MK: It hasn't really inspired it much, I mean it does feel good wearing what you want, because you are in a city where people don't think you are "doing too much" when in all actuality you are just wearing the clothes that YOU purchased because YOU like it, because why not?

TT: What was your major in college and what ways has that helped you with Black Box Hatters?

MK: My major in college was fashion Merchandising & it has helped me in a lot ways with starting the business because we learned so much about the Business of Fashion. Although our school was small it did teach me a lot and if a person says they didn't learn anything then they weren't meant to be in the Fashion Industry to begin with because it takes work & dedication. But I won't rant on because I could talk about that all day :)

To check out more of Morgan K's creations and to grab your own Black Box Hatters original visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackBoxHatters and be sure to follow the movement on Instagram.

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