Anastasia Beverly Hills “For Colored Girls”

Anastasia Beverly hills is a well-known cosmetic line, that has been an outlet for African American women. A few weeks ago they launched their new foundation stick for women of color that has included a range of palettes for different skin tones. Many women of color have been excited about the foundation stick because it gives more of a variety of options than your normal drugstore brand. The shades range from “Almond”, a lighter shade of brown to “Earth” the darkest shade of the foundation stick.

While drug store brands may have no more than 10 shades of foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills has a range of 26 shades, enough to satisfy any woman that loves makeup. Anastasia Soare’s daughter, Claudia is the brains behind all of the launches for Anastasia Beverly Hills. Claudia mentioned that the purpose of the foundation stick was to make sure “everyone is happy,” according to Claudia also mentioned that she doesn’t get to meet a lot of people from the West Indies or Trinidad, or certain parts of India, so when she does its intriguing and she’s eager to color-match.