Family of Sandra Bland settles for 1.9 million dollars in wrongful death lawsuit

A year has passed since the controversial death of PVAMU alumni Sandra Bland. If you are not familiar with the death of Bland, she was stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation on July 10, 2015.

According to CNN, the officer later arrested Bland claiming that she assaulted him after he asked asked her to put a cigarette out. This later led to a scuffle, that could be seen via a video that was released by the police station.

Bland was arrested and sent to a local jail where she was found hanged three days later. Her death was classified as a suicide by a local coroner but many people believe she was murdered.

Sandra Bland’s death caused an uproar across the USA. There were many protest and debates that resulted in the aftermath of her death. The hashtag #sayhername was used across the nation to spread awareness about Sandra and other police brutality situations that were swept under the rug, especially those that involved African American women.

A year later, and according to, an officer involved claims he was threatened by prosecutors. Officer Michael Kelly says that top prosecutors threaten to end his police career if he exposed evidence wrongdoings. Kelly says that there were marks on Bland’s forehead after her arrest. In March 2016, Brian Encinia, the officer who arrested Bland, was finally fired. On September 16, 2016 Bland’s family was awarded 1.9 million dollars in her wrongful death lawsuit. Individuals took to twitter to share their thoughts on the settlement. ( shown below ) Some stand behind the family accepting the settlement , others think otherwise. Question: If an individual did commit “suicide” how would their family be able to win a wrongful death settlement?

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