Is American Still Great?

America, the great, the beautiful, and the vast land of opportunity, closes the window on it’s top three descriptions. However, was America ever those three characteristics? America is the country that built its success on the backs of those who are of diverse culture; but in current day does not treat those same people with equal respect.

Fast forward to last night’s debate, racism was mentioned but not addressed. As Hilary Clinton stated, “Race remains a significant challenge.” However, she never fully addressed what has been going on within our country. Later into the debate, Trump had stated, “Hilary is using propaganda to win the votes of non-white Americans.” Is this true? Again, she never went into great detail about how those in office will tear down the wall of systematic racism on every economic and social level in our country. It was a mere statement.

In my opinion, these politicians are trying to get our vote. It does not matter who you vote for, because both candidates represents the daunting side of America; a side that has our black men killed for doing everyday average things. These candidates are both more concerned in fixing external affairs, before fixing the problems at home. In reality, America was never the great, that beautiful, and the vast land of opportunity as people make it seem because if we were, America would not see color before the quality of the person.

Let’s face it, although neither candidate is our lovely President Obama, it is still important to exercise your right to vote. Always remember there is power in numbers, ultimately these candidates need us in a sense more than we need either of them.