Second Presidential Debate

After a long campaign trail filled with ups, downs, good laughs, and some scary realizations, the United States of America is now in Presidential Election mode. This year’s race to become the next President of the most powerful nation is said to be the most interesting and heartbreaking.

The First Presidential Debate for the 2016 Presidential Election took place on September 26th 2016 at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. The debate covered various topics that affects today’s society such as how to ease tensions with other nations to how to make relationships with police and communities better. But what should viewers really expect from the second debate? There are several things to notice, see, and hear from our lovely candidates:

1. Secretary Clinton will be very prepared as she was in the first debate. She handled every rant and attack from Trump with valid facts and statistics, as seen in an NPR live fact check, while Trump sunk in his own lies and backtracking.

2. We can expect to see, hopefully, more conversation about Trump’s tax records that have just became public. How will “The Donald” answer to his $916 million loss in 1995? Will there be more lies and backtracking? Will Hilary finally throw a jab at Trump? cues cliffhanger music

3. A very reactive Trump. Trump’s facial and body expressions either showed that he didn’t have many facts to back up his answers to the topics or that he was about to storm off stage at any moment. His poker face was failing the GOP all night.

4. A very confused and “over it” Moderator. Let’s face it, can we really blame Lester Holt for having the same facial expression or look of confusion and defeat every time he tried to move on to another topic?

5. Trump to end every sentence with “I didn’t say that” as a counter attack to Clinton’s facts. We’re going to need Trump to have a better response and maybe try answering a question fully.

6. To hear about Trump’s failing/failed investments. Trump will somehow include his investments into topics as a way to prove he can handle the growing need to improve The United States’ finances … America, Trump can’t sell a game. Let’s not.

This Presidential Election is one that will be separated from others in history, for both good and horrible reasons. Everyone should tune in to witness and decide for themselves who is the best to lead our nation for the near future.

The second round of debates will continue on Sunday October 9th in St Louis, Missouri at Washington University from 9pm to 10:30pm EST. Viewers can watch the debates on air via FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and C-SPAN; there will also be a live stream on YouTube and Twitter. In the words of our dear President Obama, “Don’t boo, Vote!” Know your candidates, America!