Chance The Rapper Encourages Everyone To Vote!

Chance The Rapper wants absolutely no problems, but for people to be educated and understand the importance of exercising their right to vote. Yesterday, the Chicago Celebrity held a free concert at Grant Park. Yes I said FREE!

Chance also encouraged everyone to get out and vote. After blessing the crowd with his phenomenal gift Chance himself walked with hundreds of people to the polls. How great is that?

There were several people that were influenced and actually voted that probably wouldn’t have had it not been for his encouragement. The polls on West Washington in Chicago, Illinois were busy most of the day, and this was before over 700 people were brought over to the polls by Chance The Rapper.

According to the Chicago Board of Elections at about 8:20 PM on November 7 there were 38,997 people that casted early ballots, which is the largest single day record ever recorded. Bringing the early voting total to 323,000, which breaks the previous record that was set in 2008.

The mission is simple, get people to vote. Chance the rapper is leading the way, an angel in the game has truly been a blessing. Remember we all we got so get out and go vote, these were rights that we once dreamed of and were fought for and now we have them. Be sure to cast your vote because you can, and because it matters.

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