2016 Election Made your Fav Rapper Conscious?

The art of musical expression is a powerful and very persuasive tool that has been used to entertain, inform and move the world. Everyone understands music, no matter the topic or sound; it moves us in every way.

When it comes to Rap and Hip-Hop music, topics that are related to the era’s social issues are the main area up for discussion. Hip-Hop was built on the expression of frustration for the way life was for those rapping. Those who made it to become legendary in the Hip-Hop realm constructed songs full of the same ideas that many believed and understood. Their music spoke to the world, no matter what age or era.

This years’ Presidential election proves to be another topic up for discussion resulting in great hits that are definitely going to make history as the years go by. Many artist, this year, as the elections has drawn more and more attention and drama, are stepping away from the usual “money, cars, clothes, and girls” punchlines and heading more for the “political raps.”

Artist like YG and Kanye West, have made very blunt and strong statements regarding this years’ election. YG’s F$%k Donald Trump is a theme song for many Trump protestors that listen to Hip-Hop. While Kanye West reported his unlikely but very interesting run for Presidency in 2020.

Along with the raps surrounding the election, we have other artist like David Banner and Killer Mike putting the mic down to help educate the youth on social injustices and supporting other causes that are right and just for the improvement of our society.

With our Trap and Designer Rappers now becoming more interested in whether Clinton will help in black communities more, the very necessary need to vote is becoming more important than ever before. From political one-liners to full on political and social injustice ballads, @allurekaylee, of Tula Talks Ent, has created a “Political Raps Playlist” to help you get into the voter’s mindset while walking to the polls on November 8th!

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