NYFWM Recap: Modern Society Brand

Fashion Week in New York City started this month to highlight Men’s fashion from couture to streetwear allowing the City to shine full of energy and style as designers debuted new collections and brands.

On the roster of brands to light up the runway is Modern Society Brand created by Wan Hankins based in NYC. Hankins began the clothing brand by selling T-shirts out the trunk of his car and tonight, January 31st, would be the start of a new milestone for the creative visionary.

Hankins and Modern Society Brand debuted their Darkest Hour line that composed of streetwear looks with a bit of flare and even fur. From joggers to suede blazers, Hankins’ designs have something for every type of man to enjoy whether its for the professional or causal setting. The inspiration for the clothing mostly came from Hankins’ and his own personal style, “These items are just stuff I would wear,” said Hankins. Along with the items for men, Hankins also created items such as bomber jackets and dresses for the ladies and even some items for young girls to wear for this season.

The theme, Darkest Hour, was brought on by Hankins’ own troubles and the mindset he carried while designing the clothing giving each item a black or dark color scheme that works greatly together and for the fall/winter season to keep customers warm and edgy. The items from the collection show a “range of collaborations” from the brand’s Klassics’ collection while setting the stone for some new releases for the Spring/Summer of 2017.

The overall show was a great hit and the energy from both the models and the crowd was at an all time high. Be sure to stay in tune with Modern Society Brand to see what is in store for their Spring/Summer looks coming soon.