Trump Muslim Ban, What?

Who in their right mind makes an executive order to ban travelers from seven majority Muslim countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) from entering the U.S. for 90 days?

Yes you guessed it, Trump that’s right. See the thing is the order is not framed to exclude Muslim people from the U.S. but to address a terrorist threat. It is said that the purpose of this 90 day hold to not allow people from those countries to enter the U.S. is to protect American citizens from those who are planning a terrorist attack, but the greatest attack on the U.S. was 9/11 which were planned and done by Saudi Arabia and that isn’t one of the countries that is not allowed admission to the U.S. So where is the logic right? Clearly there is none.

Actress and millineal, Yara Shahidi of “Black-ish” has spoken out about this issue as a Black and Iranian woman herself. Shahidi shares that there would be no her if there was a Muslim ban nearly 40 years ago because her parents would have never met. This has been a personal issue for her but a greater issue for others in similar situations.

Irrational dislike or fear destroys the power of love and the power of our collective potential. I could not agree more with what Shahidi has said. What are you all thoughts on the executive order of the Muslim ban?

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