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Since 2008 many of us were inspired and felt as if we could accomplish anything when Barack Obama was elected into office. After seeing him serve two terms it was awful to see him leave, especially to someone not nearly as prepared, experienced, and not to mention deserving. We have all shared our farewells and thank you, but if you do not think what you have done is enough artist, fashion designer, and all around creative used the inspiration and impact that Barack Obama and family had on him and created a “Thank You Obama” clothing line.

The clothing line ranges with a variety of designs, it features a Crimson colored tee saying Malia in honor of her going to Harvard this coming fall of 2017. Other pieces range from a No. 44 basketball jersey, a reference to the 44th POTUS, Barack Obama and a Thank You Michelle long-sleeve tee, also an old school graffiti-inspired white long-sleeve shirt that highlights the couple's wedding date.

Joe Fresh Goods shares that this project means a lot to him because of the hope he felt, especially being a black man. From that he wanted to create a project simply saying thank you and showing his gratitude and appreciation, giving him something to smile at when he looks in the closet.

Recently the designer revealed a partnership for this line with the well known Chance The Rapper, who modeled pieces for the line. Chance the Rapper also accepted one of his Grammys on February 12th in one of the pieces from the Thank You Obama Line.

It is safe to say that Obama has truly given many of us hope and courage to press forward. The Joe Fresh Goods Obama collection is awesome, unfortunately everything is sold out. Although in the case that they restock you can purchase at www.thankuobama.us

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