March Style Must Haves

By: DaVaughn Dillahunty

We are literally fresh off the runway, we kicked off Fashion Week in New York at the end of February showcasing what is to come from some of the worlds greatest designers for Spring/Summer 2017. Now the fun has continued on to London, Milan, and Paris and in that order. There are so many exciting things to expect to see in Fashion this Spring and Summer starting with the month of March because this is when Spring officially kicks off!

Spring is always tricky because you really never know what to expect with the weather, it could be raining one day and shinning bright the next. I know one things for sure though, we must make sure we still slay in whatever weather conditions.

I believe some must have items in your wardrobe for the month of March and the rest of spring are definitely:

1. Distressed Denim – Especially jeans can be paired with almost anything and look super chic! For example you can wear a white v neck, pumps, and a duster and look super fun and classy. Add some accessories and you’re on flavor to the look and you are ready to go.

2. Off the shoulder Tops – This trend from last year is back again, is it possibly here to stay? So edgy and it adds a super fun look to almost anything. From off the shoulder tops to dresses. This is definitely a march must have that can be incorporated in the summer and fall as well.

3. Bright Colors – If this wasn’t present on the runway I don’t know what was. Wearing bright colors you must be confident and you are sure to slay the look. Bright’s are so simple but super eye catching and overall just poppin’. You can color block, do monochromatic looks, or whatever fits you. One thing is for sure you will slay!

4. Florals/Prints – Not just your basic floral top, but florals from head to toe. Yes hunny, it may seem like a bit much but it is a magical slay. As well as incorporating other prints in your wardrobe as well, for example stripes, army fatigue, snake print, graphic tees too. Definitely must haves to set off an outfit.

5. Lace/Mesh – So sexy and chic, so much can be done with lace and mesh literally the options are endless. Having it in your wardrobe will definitely be a plus.

I hope these March must have tips are helpful and that you slay the entire month of march. Please share your March must have slays with the hashtag #MarchMustHaveSlay. Style tip, thrift for some items not everything hot it bought directly from the store.

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