The Resistance: From Adversity Comes Change

After Trump was sworn into office in January, there was a stone thrown into the water that created ripples that has yet to settle. In Former President Obama's last speech to America, he told citizens that this was not the time to idly standby but yet this was the time to take ACTION. He literally said "Grab your shoes, grab a clipboard and start walking door to door in your community because change starts with you. People ask me all the time how can they get involved and do more without actually being in politics? The answer is simple: Educate yourself on politics and spread the word to your peers. Lets just say, citizens across the America started to take heed. It is as if they awoke to the fact that they need to do more than they have ever done to get the results that they have never seen.

The Resistance is one of the ripples that was created to stand against the Trump administration and their irrational rhetoric. The Resistance has been used as a calling call to rally those who are all among this "secret" alliance in the battle between good vs bad. A few days after the inauguration a man climbed a crane to hang a 70 ft banner saying "RESIST" which hung behind the White House. The momentum seemed to have grown even more when the Obamas' said that they would join back in the good fight after a much needed break. At a speaking engagement Hillary Clinton got the crowd riled up after saying she too would be joining the Resistance with her fellow citizens. Malcolm X once said, "Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change." With the sharp incline of millennials and especially people of color starting to run for office and get involved in the process, it is safe to assume that the people are getting angry.

Alabama NAACP staged a sit-in at Jeff Session's office in Mobile, AL.

Out of this movement, came organizations that were created specifically to support and get different groups to engage. Resist365 is an organization that was founded by a millennial who wanted to take aim at the inequality-expanding agenda of the Trump administration and inspiring new leaders of progressive leadership with a target to people of color. Then there is the Collective Pac that was formed to build Black political power by training, recruiting, funding, and electing a high number progressive Black candidates. SheWillRun is another organization that encourages and recruits women to run for office has seen a great increase in their numbers of women who have decided to take action and engage. Also, Run for Something is an organization that has emerged more that helps recruit and support millennials running for down-ballot office; they are committed to building a Democratic bench.

With the momentum running hot, there has been some eye-catching races happening all over in VA, CA, SC, GA. In Virginia last week, there was a Governors primary race that left Republican Gillespie thanking his lucky stars for his win against anti-establishment Stewart. He will now face Dem. Lt. Gov. Northam who has recently been famed for calling Trump a "narcissistic maniac" and has received millions in endorsements. Compton, CA grabbed all of our attention when Dem. Mayor Aja Brown, the youngest Mayor in Compton at 31, won a second term against former Mayor Bradley. Yesterday, Georgia's special election captivated everyone to see if young 30-yr old Jon Osoff who raised a whooping $23 million could pull off a win against Trump Loyalist Karen Handel. Even though it was a hard fought battle, the Democrats did come out victorious in GA and SC leaving them to feel defeated but hopeful. The wins that the Republicans got did not come without blood, sweat, and tears causing other Republican to tread with caution and to see how Trump will be impacting the next races in 2018.

Che Guevara, a Revolutionary, once said "The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall". You can not wait for the time to be right and for the ducks to fall in the row because it will never. Like Malcolm X suggested it will take an angry people to make change. So yes, you have to get mad, get mad enough to use your voice, to vote, to help good people get elected, fund people that share your ideals, and/or run for office. It is your civic duty to be the change and stand up for your ideals. So keep RESISTING ya'll!

Politically Speaking,

Simply Sable