Series Review: 5 discussion topics from Jacqueline and Jilly

I had the opportunity to attend the screening of Jacqueline and Jilly Dec. 10 at the Lincoln Theater and whew honey, you know I love content that has deeper meaning to it.

The show is about a 20-year-old daughter of a D.C. lobbyist who develops an accidental addiction to opiates after a fall from a horse. This relatable storyline definitely provides a platform for addressing taboo issues we often observe in our own lives and family dynamics.

The show features 6 episodes and can be viewed on Urban Movie Channel.

Without completely spoiling the series for you, here are a few topics you can expect to see that I am so glad this project addressed:

1. Being in denial:

It’s already hard enough trying to get someone to realize and accept that they have a problem, but when the family is also in denial about a loved one having a drug addiction or mental health illness it just makes the situation that much more difficult and will often stop someone from getting the proper help. Which can ultimately be life threatening.

2. The importance of having support from your loved ones:

When going through difficult times, it is critical to have the support and love from your friends, family and significant other.

3. Generational secrets:

OH MY! When I tell you I cringed in my seat a few times watching the actions and interactions of three black women on the big screen a few times because it all felt so real. I believe that transparency is the highest form of love and the root of healing. Too often generational secrets are swept under the rug and kept in the dark and you know the saying….what’s done in the dark, comes to light. Those secrets usually start to reveal themselves over time and someone will always end up hurt, which results in resentment or them trying to fulfil a void that can only be filled by the truth.

4. Letting what others think stop you from healing:

Who cares if you and your family are not picture perfect. Maintaining a reputation or worrying about what others thinks should not stop you from getting the proper treatment you need to begin healing.

5. The importance of recognizing the ways that help you heal:

When in a crisis, you may lose your own voice and identity. Its ok to rediscover who YOU are and begin to embrace what YOU need to do to help YOU heal.

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