Tula Talks: Why Raz-B from B2K wanted to quit the Millennium Tour & why I don't blame him!

As you all know, us fellow B2K fans almost had a melt down yesterday over the statement Raz-B put out saying that he was going to quit the tour because he didn't feel safe and felt like former manager Chris Stokes was around the tour.

Since then, Raz-B and the group has put out statements reassuring us that he will still be a part of the tour.

The fan in me is EXTREMELY happy, but I can't help to wonder what is REALLY going? Is it healthy for them to move forward with the tour?

My true B2K fans remember all of the allegations, the interviews that dropped after the band split and it's very evident that something shady happened to them from Chris Stokes.

So I would like to use this moment in entertainment news, to open the dialogue up about sexual assault towards men and the psychological toll it has.

Is it healthy for Raz-B and the group to move forward with the tour with potential triggers around?

What can they do to begin to cope and work through the trauma of the past?

All of my therapist please chime in on this topic.

And if Raz-B or any other member from B2K see's this....know that you are sincerely loved and your truth matters.

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