Build Your Own Brand: BYOB Retreat 2019

What is BYOB to you? Many hear that and think it means “Bring Your Own Bottle,” however BYOB stands for “Build Your Own Brand.” BYOB is an event where creators, business owners and uprising talent gather together to sharpen their strengths and improve their weaknesses relating to all forms of business. This year’s event took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Allowing over 2,000 individuals to connect with one another and learn tips relating to branding, finance, management, marketing and more. The information provided at this amazing event is substantial and if applied properly will help an individual reach the next level of success that one is aiming for.

My overall experience at BYOB has been nothing less than amazing. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information over the course of three days that I could have ever hoped for. Being able to surround myself with like-minded people who are are striving to be the best possible person they can be is beyond inspiring. Which leads to another point on why BYOB overall is a great opportunity, aside from the amazing panels offered, I was able to learn a lot just from the people who were in attendance of the event, which is so vital.

Due to the fact that your environment has a huge impact on you it was clear that everyone who attend this event wanted each person to achieve their goals and were willing to support each other in any type of way. When it came time to the panels there were numerous ones offered that catered to each individual in its own way. My personal two favorite panels were “Renting Vs. Owning an Audience” and “Straight up tools: Productivity Hacks for Life” both panels were very engaged with the audience and informative as well. I walked away from both panels gaining new knowledge that I didn’t have prior to it. I also enjoyed these two panels because I know that I’ll be able to apply what I learned immediately to my everyday life.

All in all, if I had to choose a highlight of the weekend which is challenging because the whole weekend I considered a highlight within itself, I would have to go with being able to be behind the scene and speak with/ interview the panelist one on one. By doing so it really gave me the opportunity to learn more about the person who will be speaking at hand as well as building connections with those who are already in a position that I aspire to be in one day. With that being said I highly recommend those of you who were not able to make it this year to aim for coming next year because this is an experience of a lifetime and you’ll walk away from it feeling confident to tackle the next step in the process of success.

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